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Birds of a Feather Meetings (IETF Pre-WG Efforts)

This page provides one common place that lists "possible IETF pre-WG efforts", known as Birds of a Feather ("BoF") meetings. Anybody who proposes a BoF is strongly encouraged to register the BoF effort here at such time as appropriate; e.g., during steps 1 and 2 in RFC 5434. Also see http://www.ietf.org/wg/bof-procedures.html.

The IAB will also attempt to provide BoF Shepherds as described in their document on the subject only on request from the IESG. If you feel that your BoF would benefit from an IAB BoF Shepherd, please discuss this with your Area Director.

To allow the Secretariat to schedule a BoF slot if it is approved, each entry MUST include the following items:

  • Long name and abbreviation
  • Description, including whether the BoF is intended to form a WG or not
  • The responsible Area Director (AD)
  • BoF Chairs (or the ADs as placeholders)
  • Number of people expected to attend
  • Length of session (1, 1.5, 2, or 2.5 hours)
  • Conflicts to avoid (whole Areas and/or WGs)
  • Does it require WebEX? If so, why?
  • Does it require Meetecho? If so, why?
  • Links to the mailing list, draft charter if any, relevant Internet-Drafts, etc.

Template for BOF Entry

Timeframe IETF 91 (Honolulu)

Current schedule of "Important Dates" requires that all BOF proposal requests be submitted to Area Directors (ADs) by 2359 UTC Friday, September 26, 2014. The IAB and IESG will hold a joint teleconference to discuss the proposals. ADs will be expected to approve or disapprove the BOF request on that teleconference, ensuring that the Secretariat has all of the information to put the first draft of the agenda together on or before October 10.





  • Name : DNS Private Exchange (DPRIVE)
  • Description: This is a placeholder for the proposed DPRIVE WG, whose charter is under review.
  • Responsible AD: Brian Haberman
  • Chairs: Tim Wicinski and Warren Kumari
  • Number of attendees: 100
  • Length: 2 hours
  • WebEX: No
  • Meetecho: No
  • Mailing list: dns-privacy@ietf.org

Operations and Management



  • Name: Bit Indexed Explicit Replication - BIER
  • Description:
    • There is a need to simplify network operations for multicast services. Current solutions require a tree-building control plane, which maintains end-to-end tree state per flow, impacting router state capacity and network convergence times. Multi-point tree building protocols are often considered complex to deploy and debug and include mechanics from legacy use-cases and/or assumptions which may no longer apply to the current deployments. When multicast services are transiting a provider network through an overlay, the core network has a choice to either aggregate customer state into a minimum set of core states resulting in flooding traffic to unwanted network end-points, or to map per-customer, per-flow tree state directly into the provider core state amplifying the network-wide state problem.
    • This BOF intends to discuss a new architecture for the forwarding of multicast data packets. The goal is to provide optimal forwarding of multicast packets through a "multicast domain" without requiring an explicit tree-building protocol, nor requiring intermediate nodes to maintain any per-flow state.
  • Agenda
  • Status: WG Forming
    • BIER will require extensions to IGPs and BGP in addition to the architecture and encapsulation descriptions. For this reason it is expected that BIER will require a dedicated working group which will focus on the overall architecture and shepherd the work toward consensus in the various other location where work is needed.
  • Responsible AD: Adrian Farrel, Juniper Networks, Alia Atlas, Juniper Networks
  • BoF proponents: IJsbrand Wijnands (ice@cisco.com), Greg Shepherd (gjshep@gmail.com), Eric Rosen (erosen@cisco.com), Christian Martin (martincj@cisco.com), Antoni Przygienda (antoni.przygienda@ericsson.com), Jeff Tantsura (jeff.tantsura@ericsson.com), Arkadiy Gulko (arkadiy.gulko@thomsonreuters.com), Wim Henderickx (wim.henderickx@alcatel-lucent.com), Andrew Dolganow (andrew.dolganow@alcatel-lucent.com)
  • BoF chairs: TBD
  • Number of people expected to attend: 100
  • Length of session (1, 1.5, 2, or 2.5 hours): 2 hours
  • Conflicts to avoid (whole Areas and/or WGs): MPLS, PIM, MBONED, L3VPN, RTG, BGP
  • Does it require WebEX? Yes - Venue is a travel challenge for some interested contributors.
  • Does it require Meetecho? No
  • Links to the mailing list, draft charter if any, relevant Internet-Drafts, etc.



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