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IETF83 Sprint Signup

Please add yourself to this list if you will be coming to the code sprint before IETF83 .
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We're expecting that you'll have your laptop - if that's not the case, please note so in the comments.

NameEmail AddressFamiliar with python?Familiar with django?Comments
Henrik Levkowetzhenrik@levkowetz.comYesYes
Robert SparksRjS@nostrum.comYesYes
Russ Housleyhousley@vigilsec.comJust a littleNoRemove references to Draft Standard
Tero Kivinenkivinen@iki.fia bita bit
Shane Kerrshane@time-travellers.orgYesNo
Michael Richardsonmcr@sandelman.caYesYes
Dan Yorkyork@isoc.orgYesa bitInterested in helping with documentation
Adam Roachadam@nostrum.comsort ofkind ofPlan on migrating agenda pages to use new structures natively
Tony Hansentony@att.comsort ofkind ofxml2rfc and ancillary pages
Ryan Crossrcross@amsl.comYesYes
Suresh Krishnansuresh.krishnan@ericsson.comYesA bit
Ole Laursen olau@iola.dk Yes Yes Contractor which did all the heavy lifting in implementing the database proxy models and database content conversion code :-)