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IETF85 Code Sprint

The IETF 85 Code Sprint in Atlanta will focus on enhancements to the new tracker, and rewriting code and templates that use the old models through the shim layer to instead use the new models.

The Sprint will be run according to the IETFSprintHowto.

If you plan to participate, please sign up on the IETF85SprintSignUp page.

This sprint will take place from 9:30 to 18:00 in Room 205-207. The coding will end 18:00 on the dot, with dinner and follow-up afterwards.

We have the mailing list "codesprints@ietf.org" to help with coordination and for use during the event. Please make sure you're subscribed before the event starts. More info on the list is available at https://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/codesprints.

There is also a jabber room at codesprint@conference.resiprocate.org.

For information on setting up your environment, code checkout and commit, etc., see the SprintCoderSetup and SprintDatabase pages.

During the sprint, please update the two tables below; this helps both with coordination and with getting the code merged, released, and deployed :-)

See you in Atlanta!

This sprint's plan

  • Primary focus: Scratch your itch; add the tracker feature you miss.
  • Secondary: Code and template rewrite and refactoring to use the new database schema instead of the old one through the shim layer.

Some areas that could use attention:

  • Make document search more flexible (add more complex conditions to advanced search)
  • Focus on the liaison management tools and reduce the large number of defects/enhancements listed there
  • Adjust the code/UI to handle managing shepherds/writeups for individual submission documents

Please fill in the following table when you've picked a task for the sprint. It's quite all right to pick and complete multiple tasks :-)

Who Short Description Link to EnhancementIdeas item

Completed code ready for merge and release

Please fill in the following table when you have something which is ready to merge and release, and send a brief message to the sprint's committer to notify him about the new code. Committer for the IETF 85 Sprint is henrik@levkowetz.com.

Who branch@revision Changelog message Notes Merged Released
adam adam/v4.35.1@4991 Fixed time column wrapping bug on Safari Reported by Russ Housley, no formal bug filed
adam adam/v4.35.1@4992 Fixed URL escaping bug exposed by iCloud behavior No formal bug filed
RjS rjs/v4.35.1@5000 Show reset approval text right away Fixes bug #900
Joel jmh/v4.35.1@4999 Clean up Shepherd pending flag No formal bug filed
Joel jmh/v4.35.1@5001 Make comments optional on WG document adoption and state change No formal bug filed
Joel jmh/v4.35.1@5002 Add link from shepherd addition page to document page No formal bug filed
adam adam/v4.35.1@5003 Added means to remove plenaries, other pan-IETF events from agenda page, ical file. Fixes ticket #893
Joel jmh/v4.35.1@5004 Move Replaced by information up to main document header No formal bug filed
RjS rjs/v4.35.1@5005 Enabled diffs on the history tab for conflict-review docs Fixes bug #882

Other work completed:

Who Notes

Wishlist (for this sprint or future sprints)

See (and add to) the list started at EnhancementIdeas -- current method of adding items is to open a new trac ticket.


  • A working knowledge of python and/or web design
  • Bring a laptop with Python (2.5/2.6), Subversion and (optionally) Mysql (4.x is ok, 5.x is better) installed, and be ready to check out a branch of the IETF web site from the tools svn server. (Some hints on preparing mac laptops are at MacSetup)