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Ticket #428: 428.diff

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Proposed patch

  • p2-semantics.xml

    23212321   would mean: "I prefer Danish, but will accept British English and 
    2322    other types of English". If no quality values are assigned or multiple 
    2323    language tags have been assigned the same quality, the same-weighted 
    2324    languages are listed in descending order of priority. 
     2322   other types of English".  
    23252323   Additional discussion of language priority lists can be found in 
    23262324   <xref target="RFC4647" x:sec="2.3" x:fmt="of"/>. 
    23542352    case, to add "en" to the list for better matching behavior. 
    23552353  </t> 
     2356  <t> 
     2357    &Note; Some recipients treat language tags that have the same quality 
     2358    values (including when they are missing) to be listed in descending order 
     2359    of priority. However, this behavior cannot be relied upon, and if their 
     2360    relative priority is important &mdash; such as for consistent results for 
     2361    a sequence of requests &mdash; it ought to be communicated by using 
     2362    different quality values. 
     2363  </t>