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Internationalized Resource Identifiers (Concluded WG)
App Area: Barry Leiba | 2010-Jan-26 — 2013-Jan-19 

IETF-82 iri minutes


These are also available from the materials page:
chair slides
4395bis irireg (PDF)
draft-ietf-iri-3987bis-08 Issues Overview
Session 2011-11-17 0900-1130: 101C - Audio stream - iri chatroom

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iri minutes

          IRI WG
          IETF 82, Taipei
          Agenda: http://www.ietf.org/proceedings/82/agenda/iri.txt
          WG Overview: http://www.ietf.org/proceedings/82/slides/iri-2.pdf
          IRI 3987bis Issues Overview:
          IRI 4395bis Issues: http://www.ietf.org/proceedings/82/slides/iri-0.pdf
          1. Admin (scribes, co-chairs, ...)
          2. Report of W3C discussions
          3. Guidelines and Registration Procedures for New URI/IRI Schemes
          4. Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs)
          5. Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) Comparison
          6. Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) BIDI
          1. WG Status:
          - Since IETF 81 4395bis has been nearing last call status, but still
          has a dependency on 3987bis
          -- 4395bis issues have been addressed and many are ready to be closed
          - Since IETF 81 the decisions were to split up 3987bis into several
          -- One describing IRIs generally
          -- One describing IRI comparison
          -- One describing IRI BIDI rules
          --  A decision was also made to move processing material out to a separate
          "processing spec" which has since not been realized.
          -- The "processing spec" has since been considered best moved to the
          W3C to describe URI and IRI parsing and processing
          - Today's meeting will be an open discussion on each of these documents,
          moderated by Peter
          2. W3C Coordination / URI/IRI Processing Spec
          - processing spec done by W3C. would be a self-contained document that
          IETF could reference.
          3. Guidelines and Registration Procedures for New URI/IRI Schemes
          - there is work going on to make registration processes easier in general
          ("happpiana" discussions)
          - Larry notes that there are two aspects, (1) IRI-enablement of the URI
          scheme registry and (2) making registration easier
          - Larry suggests finishing the i18n-related (non-registry process related)
          work and then working on the registration process topics in coordination
          with/after happyIANA process converge.
          - #70: instead, text to guide the expert review.
          - #79: have columns for submitter, schema "owner", but rely on expert
          reviewer to agree on the change. IANA has similar for ports registry
          (registrant, contact).
          - #97: would do a change of state. Need to define the list of states
          for each entry.
          - #98: close the ticket. will be handled in the IANA considerations
          section when we are done.
          - #73 and #106 be unified (Martin didn't see #73 when he created #106)
          - #83: disagree. close the ticket
          - new ticket? need to provide better guidance to registrant and expert
          with regard to security considerations (which *might* be "unknown,
          use with care")
          - not discussing the minor tickets. moving on to next agenda item. WG
          participants encouraged to review these issues and post to the list.
          4. Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs)
             #105: to be discussed between co-chairs and AD about intended target
             status of document
             #3: split, assign to relevant 'component', address individually
             (many might no longer be relevant)
             #85: accept in principle: align with terminology in RFC 6365. todo for
             editors. review by 6365 authors or WG participants might be helpful.
             #5: no resolution.
             Larry: we have a way to detect uri in text. we don't have text for
             detecting iri in text. should this be a new document? ticket to be
             opened. JKlensin: out of scope for the wg charter.
             #13: May be out of data, because it refers to IDNA 2003. Larry to
             check/update to allign with IDNA 2008.
             #14: Larry to split text and send to the list, since the whole ticket
             is complicated to review.
             #92: editorial. skipping
             #93,103,104:  Martin would do the first: move back to
             LEIRI. silence. no oppose. to the editor to do.
             Section 6, Characters Disallowed or Not Recommended in IRIs, was a
             subsection of LEIRI, carefully negotiated with W3C XML Core WG
             #89: Peter: is this scheme-specific? Martin: for some, yes.
             John: Danger of starting with something in NFD.
             Pete: Clarifying question: Are you saying that for NETBios or Wins,
             it will first resolve, and then use HTTP?
             Reply: Yes?
             Pete: Next question: Do we have something that can take a %-encoded
             domain name and automatically un-escapes it.
             Rely: We don't know.
             no resolution.

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