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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#13 DS-lite interaction dslite enhancement new 2010-12-08
#24 PCP mappings same public IP address as dynamic mappings base enhancement reopened 2010-12-08
#25 Nested NAT support Extensions 1.0 enhancement dwing@cisco.com new 2010-12-14
#26 Firewall detection Extensions enhancement new 2010-12-14
#32 Interference between 2 clients on same host base enhancement reopened 2010-12-20
#38 state maintenance: create a general failure model, discussing how to recover from failures base enhancement new 2011-02-14
#39 mechanism to store disambiguating information at aggregation points UPnP interop enhancement new 2011-02-14
#40 proposal for a GET/GETNEXT exchange Extensions enhancement new 2011-02-14
#71 Handling change of B4's IPv6 address dslite 1.0 milestone1 defect draft-ietf-pcp-dslite@tools.ietf.org new 2014-02-27
#31 Query-capability support? Extensions enhancement new 2010-12-14
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