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Basic configuration

Server: imap.ietf.org
Port: 143 or 993

For authenticated access use your datatracker login and password.

For anonymous access use username="anonymous", and provide your email address as a password.


For anonymous access

Use Account Actions->Add Account.

In the email address field, add: anonymous@imap.ietf.org

(you can't just use anonymous, as it is not a valid email address. The right hand side is the IMAP server hostname)

Don't enter anything in the Password field yet.

After Thunderbird tries autoconfiguration and fails, change SMTP to one of your existing SMTP accounts at some other server.

Change the imap server hostname to be "imap.ietf.org" (it will currently be ".imap.ietf.org" in the field).

Check that the Incoming username is "anonymous".

Click the Re-test button. This should correctly configure IMAP settings. Save them.

If you stop here, you might see a complaint about a missing Inbox, and when you try to subscribe to folders, you should get a list of mailboxes, but any attempt to select them will not stick.

To see the mailboxes for the lists, and to start reading messages, take these two steps:

Then go to the account settings, "Server Settings"->"Advanced..." and uncheck "Show only subscribed folders"

Next go to "Synchronization and Storage" and uncheck "Keep messages for this account on this computer". (If you don't do that, Thunderbird will begin downloading a copy of every message in the archive to your cache).

Then you should be able to refresh your view and begin browsing lists.

For authenticated access

Follow the above steps, but replace anonymous with your datatracker login.

It doesn't matter what you provide for the account email address (the first step of creating the account), but if you choose something at imap.ietf.org, the rest of the instructions will line up.

Please DO NOT uncheck "Show only subscribed folders" - instead, go subscribe to the folders you are interested in.

If you are going to reply to emails, then under "Copies & Folders" you probably want to either *uncheck* "Place a copy in", or make sure that the "Sent" folder is not one on ietf.org


authenticated access

Go to Mail -> Accounts...

At the bottom of the list on the right is "Add Other Account..."

Select "Add a Mail account" and hit "Create..."

Populate the next box with your name, a bogus email address, and a bogus password. This will cause the dialog to go into an "Account must be manually configured" mode.

In the next dialog, populate the IMAP tab with imap.ietf.org, your datatracker username, and either your datatracker password or a bogus password if you don't want Mail.app to store your actual password. The following dialog will ask about some IMAP options. Leave Use SSL checked and leave Path Prefix blank. Keep Password Authentication.

If you don't have SMTP set up with some other account mail.app is using, and you want to reply to list mail, point mail.app to your SMTP server with the next dialog. the imap.ietf.org machine will not accept SMTP submissions. If you don't want to point to a real smtp server, enter a bogus hostname, let it complain about needing more information, and hit next to go to the advanced smtp configuration screen. Just hit create there.

Mail.app will now likely start trying to download every message from every list on the server. Please interrupt it. To do so, right-click on the "Shared Folders" line in your list of mailboxes, and select "Get Account Info". On the resulting dialog, select the "Subscription List" tab. Press the turn-down arrow on the "Shared Folders" line in the box. If there is no turn-down arrow, try looking at a different tab or two, and come back to this one. Once you can turn-down that arrow, the list of all lists you can see will appear. Deselect them all with command-a and hit Unsubscribe. Then select the individual lists you want to see (changing a checkbox takes immediate effect, you don't have to hit the buttons at the bottom).


Create a new account

It doesn't matter what you put in the top section, though getting through the subscription step below might go quicker if you use your datatracker login for the email address.

In the middle section fill in only the imap server, username and password fields. Hit the subscriptions button. If it times out, try changing what you have in the email address part of the top section of the form. Once it gives you a list of shared folders, uncheck "Ignore server subscription state for private namespaces". Then select the folders you want to see. If you skip this step, you will pull down every message from every list - please don't do that.

Leave the bottom section (SMTP) blank, or set it to some SMTP server you have credentials with (you will need to do this to reply to a message you are reading through this interface).

Pine / Alpine

Anonymous Access

Add something like this to your .pinerc:

incoming-folders="{imap.ietf.org/anonymous/notls}Shared Folders/stir"


incoming-folders="{imap.ietf.org/anonymous}Shared Folders/stir"

This will give you access to a single mailing list archive for the STIR WG.

Authenticated Access

Add something like;

incoming-folders="{imap.ietf.org/user=<tracker login>}Shared Folders/stir" where you replace <tracker login> with your datatracker username.


Add mail account using your datatracker login/pw, imap.ietf.org. Check SSL if not already checked. Populate an SMTP server (imap.ietf.org won't accept mail). Use advanced settings -> folders to control where sent mail is saved, how deleted messages are handled, etc.

Subscribe to folders by going to Tools -> IMAP folders.

Interacting with IETF lists

Subscribing to folders in the IMAP server is not the same as subscribing to IETF email lists to allow for posting messages to them. If you wish to post to email lists but consume the mail via the IETF IMAP server, there are a few additional steps: All of the mailing lists on the ietf mailman server are configured to allow anyone subscribed to any list to post to any other list (with a few exceptions, where posting is controlled, such as to ietf-announce). If you use a given email address to subscribe to any one list, it will be added to the global-whitelist (which gets reconstructed once per day), and then you will be able to post to other lists using that email address whether you are formally subscribed to it in mailman or not. If you don't want to get mail for the list(s) to which you've subscribed via mailman, you could either disable receiving messages for that list or all lists (using the mailman interface) or unsubscribe after a day has passed and your new address is in the global-whitelist.